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Education Based Discipline


EBD Video Sgt. Albert Cobos

Every public service agency, especially law enforcement, must contend with the disciplining of employees. While discipline is a necessary component of any organization, the ability to discipline employees, particularly good employees, may be a difficult task.  The primary focus of Education-Based Discipline (EBD) is to have employees that are being disciplined, remain viable and committed to the organization after they complete the discipline process. EBD works towards that goal.

The training and technical assistance is provided by the Regional Community Policing Institute- CA (RCPI-CA), partnering with the Carolina Institute for Community Policing (CICP) and will include EBD informational briefings, as well as Train-the-Trainer classes for two ethics classes offered to EBD participants.

EBD is a progressive disciplinary program that ensures employee accountability and development of a tailored remedial plan designed to lessen the likelihood of recurring offenses.  EBD provides an option for employees to voluntarily participate in an individualized remedial plan that emphasizes education, training, and other creative interventions which promote a successful outcome.  The education and training program focuses on problem-solving and self-management; skill enhancement; boundary recognition; substance misuse/abuse awareness; character reinforcement; and mitigating and aggravating factors. The employee’s changed behavior will advance community policing, agency effectiveness, and employee morale. 

For additional information about EBD or to schedule training, please contact the Education-Based Discipline Unit email

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