Blue Courage Instructor Certification Course


12/04/2018 thru 12/07/2018
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Victor Zavala 800-659-8985

Blue Courage 4-day Certification LASD.pdf


Participants of the 4-day certification course will be certified to teach the

2-day "Blue Courage: The Heart and Mind of the Guardian course".


What is Blue Courage®?

Blue Courage is a transformational process that focuses on the human development of law enforcement professionals.

Few professions are more physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding than law enforcement. Blue Courage addresses personal challenges many officers face, such as cynicism, identity, judgment, integrity, leadership and stress management.

What Blue Courage® Has to Offer

Today’s law enforcement professionals are highly trained and highly skilled operationally. While skill training is essential, it is incomplete. The behaviors that tarnish police agencies and place officers at risk are rarely due to a lack of skills.


Who should attend the certification?

**This Course is for Law Enforcement Only. Government/Law Enforcement I.D. required for admittance into class.**

-There are no fees to attend this class.
-Appropriate business casual attire or uniform is suitable. T-Shirts, shorts, or jeans (regardless of cost or brand) does not meet the dress code requirements.