Below 100 Initiative Train-the-Trainer Course


04/27/2016 thru 04/28/2016
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End Time:
For More Info:
Sergeant Victor Zavala at (800) 659-8985

Time: 0800-1700 Hours

This course is intended for those law enforcement instructors who will provide the "Below 100 Initiative" Training, not only to their respective agencies, but surrounding agencies. 

Space is limited to (25) spots.  Confirmation into the class will be provided by RCPI-CA, via e-mail.  Potential instructors will attend the 4hr Below 100 course in the morning, and return after lunch for the Train-the-Trainer portion.  There will be a 2nd day of instruction for potential instructors on the following day.

There is no fee for the class.  The course will be sponsored by RCPI-CA. 

If you need further information, please contact the RCPI-CA office at

(800) 659-8985.

The material is intended for all law enforcement personnel.

Through case studies and videos, the students will experience a very effective message targeting areas most frequently involved in line-of-duty deaths and serious injury. The students will watch significant and very sad life changing moments from officers throughout our nation.  Moments that could have been prevented if officers wore their seatbelts, their vests, and/or watched their speed.

Here is some additional information about Below 100

Below 100 is an initiative that aims to reduce the line of duty deaths to below 100, a number not seen since 1944.  Below 100 is about promoting a culture of safety where each and every officer, trainer and supervisor takes individual and collective responsibility for the decisions and actions that contribute to safety.  The material is intended for all law enforcement officers and conveys a very effective message targeting area most frequently involved in line of duty deaths and serious injury.

The five Tenets are:

  1. Wear Your Belt
  2. Wear Your Vest
  3. Watch Your Speed
  4. Win – What’s Important Now?
  5. Remember: Complacency Kills

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