Regional Community Policing Institute - California
About RCPI

about-1-1.jpgThe mission of the Regional Community Policing Institute - California (RCPI-CA) is to create and enhance community and public trust policing practices for the benefit of communities and people throughout California.

Since 1997, the RCPI-CA has been successful in providing high quality training and technical assistance to law enforcement professionals, local government personnel, educators, and community members throughout California. Training has focused on community policing and problem solving by providing core classes featuring topics such as: school violence preparedness, community preparedness, prevention of urban terrorism, use of force, gang violence prevention, conflict resolution, ethics and integrity, and leadership development.

Originally implemented and supported through Department of Justice - Community Oriented Policing Services' (COPS) Initiative grant funding, the RCPI-CA is now supported by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (LASD).  Both Departments fully recognize the benefit gained from their relationship with the RCPI-CA, including the support provided to the LASD'S nationally recognized and innovative Education Based Discipline Program via RCPI-CA's course offerings. More than 800 additional local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, local governments, and community groups who have enrolled representatives in RCPI-CA's courses also enjoy those benefits.

Additionally, RCPI-CA provides video production and technical assistance at annual conferences and training workshops in support of associations such as: California Police Chiefs Association, California Women Leaders in Law Enforcement, California Gang Investigators Association, and California Crime Prevention Officers Association.

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